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The new edition of the FIFA video game was released the week before, the title developed by Electronic Arts has been a delight for the biggest fevers of the sport king.

Unfortunately, for the fans of Costa Rica, the Tricolor does not appear among the 46 playable international teams which can be accessed with FIFA 18 Coin generator. However, several of its players are available for participating in international leagues such as La Liga (Spain), Serie A (Italy) and MLS (United States). Among the ticos avatars highlights the figure of Keylor Navas, who is the goalkeeper of the Champions League bicampeón, Real Madrid. Navas has a rating of 85 of 100 possible and is the tico that has the best score in the history of this video game.

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The Ticos players began to appear in this videogame saga since FIFA 97. Since then, the most fevers have had the opportunity to use emblematic figures such as Gilberto Martínez, Paulo César Wanchope, Walter Centeno, Luis Marín, among others.

How do valuations work in this video game?

Electronic Arts has a vast team of football fans around the world, these fans or experts carry personalized statistics of each player that is available in the game.

"They know everything and they watch everything on television and in the stadiums, the head of the group is based in Cologne, Germany, but people from all over the world, thousands, collaborate as editors or simply give feedback", explained the videogame developer, Sebastián Enrique.

This team has the task of qualifying the 18,000 registered players in the game. In the case of Keylor Navas, these followers make an assessment of the performance of the tico during the meetings. For example, the success of the serve, their ability to bail, the number of saves made in a game, their safety to play and their strength under the three suits.

"They work all year to make sure they have the most up-to-date and most balanced data possible, and anyone interested in collaborating can apply at fifa 18 ultimate team cheats" Argentine origin, in an exclusive interview with Viva.